Radio Interview of Dr. Susmit Kumar on Every Sunday

I will be giving radio interviews at about 10:20AM on each Sunday for about half an hour on an Indian Radio which one can listen on internet also - from anywhere from the world: One can listen on radio in NY and NJ areas. The host introduced me as the disciple of Sri Sri Anandamurtiji and follower of Ananda Marga.  Couple of days ago one Penn State professor introduced the host to me. Today was the first day. It went well. I talked about Karma and re-birth (i.e. every one has to take birth according to one samskara) - I explained on the basis of potential energy and gave importance to meditation. When a person goes to Niagara Falls, he sees the beautiful water dropping from such a height. But if you will go there, then you (having a background in science) may think that water has potential energy (P.E.) on top which is converted into kinetic energy (K.E.) at the bottom and this K.E. can be converted into electricity. Suppose you pick up a book from the floor and place on a table, the book "gains potential energy" (=mgh). We do not calculate this PE and add to this book, but there is an in-built mechanism in this Universe (or Mother nature) which adds this PE to this book.
We did not have concept of these energies (PE, KE, Chemical Energy, Nuclear Energy, etc.) 300-400 years ago. Our science is just 200-300 years old and it does not have knowledge about all the scientific laws of Universe (i.e. Mother Nature) which is billions of years old. There might be millions of scientific laws which "our present day science" may not have knowledge. Every religion says that one day we will have to reap whatever we are doing. According to the theory, in which I believe in, whatever we do, think or speak, there is an in-built mechanism in this Mother Nature which attaches an energy to "us" (soul?) so that we will reap accordingly. Hence if I will hurt any one, then actually I AM HURTING MYSELF as I have to reap whatever I am doing (i.e. Mother Nature is not going to leave me - although it may take time). Next week, the host is going to interview me on my book.
Susmit Kumar