How to stop crime against women?

In order to effectively check and reverse the rising trend of rape, molestation and other kinds of crimes and cruelties against women, the PROUTIST SARVA SAMAJ SAMITI, JAMSHEDPUR, firmly recommends the following measures to be taken expeditiously by all concerned – authorities, guardians and well-wishers of the society in a well-concerted and determined manner:
1. Production, distribution, sale and viewing of movies with pornographic contents depicting women as objects of sensual enjoyment should be completely banned.
2. Pornographic websites on internet should be blocked or jammed.
3. Advertisements on TVs showing nude or semi-nude female bodies must be banned.
4. Sexually explicit songs, dances, paintings, literatures, etc. should also be totally banned.
5. For proper character building moral education should be imparted to students at all levels of schools and colleges. Moreover, there should be a compulsory paper for moral education in which the students will have to appear for test. Only when they pass in that paper, they should be declared eligible to receive pass certificate or degree for the class in which they studied.
6. There should be a separate moral training programme for the police force, other administrative personnel as well as political leaders – MLAs and MPs, etc.. At the same time, there should be an independent body, comprising some staunch moralists, to keep constant and close watch on their conduct and to take adequate corrective measures, as and when required, to reform them.
7. The character building of both boys and girls should be properly looked after by their parents, teachers and other responsible members of the society so that the propriety and sanctity of social relationship between men and women are never lost. At the same time, grown-up girls and ladies must be made careful enough to remain within the bounds of modesty both in terms of their dress and behaviour.
8. While stringent punishment should be given for any atrocity committed on women, it would work as a better deterrent if it is given publicly.
9. Lodging of FIR for reporting any crime against women should be simplified to make it completely free from any kind of hassle or hurdle.
10. Fast trial courts should be set up in large numbers to mete out justice to victims of rape or any kind of sexual harassment without any delay.
11. Dancing of girls in bars or night clubs should be totally banned.
12. Strict measures should be taken to contain the consumption of liquor, drugs or other kinds of intoxicants.
13. Educational level of women should be raised so that they become conscious citizens with proper knowledge of self-defence against crimes.
14. While serving jail term, criminals must be given suitable training so as to transform them into sensible human beings, as PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory, enunciated by Shri P R Sarkar as a panacea to all socio-economic problems) advocates that punishment should not be for punishment sake, rather it should be for rectification or reformation of character. In other words, a jail will have to be like any hospital for curing the criminal tendencies of criminals by removing their physical and psychic defects by different physico-psycho-spiritual means.

A copy of the memorandum submitted to the Dy. Commissioner, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India in April 2013, suggesting ways and means for curbing sex crimes against women in India. A copy of the memorandum was forwarded to Governor, Jharkhand state and Prime Minister and President of India. These incidents have become so rampant in India today that steps need to be urgently taken to control them.
The news is submitted by Arvind Kumar Lal